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Project Forensics provides three main services to client or contractor organisations in oil, gas, refining, petrochemicals, pipelines and other major infrastructure projects.

1) New Project Overview

2) Contractual Disputes

3) Project Viability Advice for Investors


The founder of Project Forensics, George Murray, is a project director with 45 years of experience working both client and EPC Contractor sides on major engineering and construction projects in Europe, South America, Middle East, India, Central and South East Asia.

George is a certified Cardiff University Law School Bond Solon Expert Witness for Civil Law and is a member of the UK Institute of Directors. 



Using Project Forensics to complement your existing organisation’s efforts related to a current or future project is a cost effective way of ensuring that another expert set of eyes is active in providing the best possible outcome to the task at hand and to assure the Board of Directors that a maximum effort has been implemented.


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